Though we are primarily a companion animal care facility, we do offer a number of important services primarily for equines and small livestock such as sheep and goats.


Horse doctor at Animal Care Clinic in Wallisville TXCoggins Testing – This is a blood test used to detect the presence of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), also known as Swamp Fever, which is a viral disease that is spread by bloodsucking insects. EIA in the acute phase is present in all blood, tissues and discharges. But it is transmitted only via blood cells from an infected horse. It can be transmitted to a foal from the mare in utero but not through milk or saliva.

There is no known cure for EIA and once an equine—horse, pony, mule or donkey—develops EIA it will be a carrier for life and experience cyclical recurrence of the disease’s symptoms. Otherwise, once the initial infection passes, the animal will be asymptomatic, though still capable of passing the disease. Though the animal may not die of the disease, strict quarantine guidelines must be observed or the animal should be euthanized.

A Coggins Test is used to detect antibodies in the equine’s blood and is recommended prior to introducing any new equine into a stable. Many states also require a recent negative Coggins Test prior to an equine being shipped to a new stable or for equestrian events. We should also note that EIA has a higher rate of incidence in the Gulf States due to the heat and humidity we experience for a relatively long period of the year.

Equine Wellness Exams – Just as with the smaller companion animals we see, equines benefit from regular wellness exams to check for common health issues and assess overall health. A thorough wellness exam—at least once per year, but two per year is recommended—can catch the early onset of treatable problems, assess for muscle tone as well as joint and bone health, check for good oral health, and provide your veterinarian with an opportunity to offer important tips on the care of your horse.

Your veterinarian can also assess nutritional health, deworming, and parasite prevention tailored to seasonal risks. A wellness exam is also a good time to provide your equine with necessary vaccinations. Animal Care Clinic offers a full complement of equine vaccines, which includes core vaccines such as VEWT, West Nile Virus, Rhinopneumonitis, influenza, rabies, and streptococcus (Strangles).

Minor Injuries – Animal Care Clinic is also able to diagnose and treat a range of minor injuries commonly suffered by horses, ponies, mules and other equines. For more complicated medical issues, we are able to refer you to large animal medical specialists.

National and International Health Certificates – Certificates verifying the health of your horse are necessary for those of our clients who travel with their horses to various shows in Texas and around the country. Not only do a number of states require these certificates, but most horse show sponsors require them as well.

Animal Care Clinic is authorized and well-versed in handling the documentation required for traveling with your equine as well as for numerous horse show requirements. Generally, these certificates are only valid for a certain period of time, must be filled out within a specific time frame prior to when you travel, and require different forms depending on your destination. We can help you understand what is needed prior to traveling and ensure your records conform to requirements.

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Small Livestock

Small Livestock veterinary care at Animal Care Clinic in Wallisville, TXMuch as with our equine friends, we provide small livestock—primarily sheep and goats—with general health exams and are able to treat a number of minor illnesses and injuries. As with all that we do, prevention is our primary goal, but in instances where an animal or herd/flock requires more advanced care, our network of specialists is available for referral.

We also provide these animals with necessary vaccinations such as for rabies, Clostridium C, D&T, among others.

Animals that travel for shows and/or to other states are also generally required to have some form of health certification showing they are free of disease and properly vaccinated. Animal Care Clinic is authorized and well-versed in the issuing of these certificates.

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